Magical Defence

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When you are a hardcore gamer, it is only natural! Based in Corringham, Retz Gaming Days creates fun mobile games for your entertainment.

Magical Defence

This is a fantasy game where the player has to fight off hordes of zombies via the 3 mages they control and their own wit. The zombies will get faster and stronger as the game continues, with more and more enemies joining the fray. The player can spend earned gold on upgrades, spells and restorative items to help them defeat the hordes. How long will you last?

Magical Defence is the first indie game to be made by us and released onto the Android mobile market for free for your entertainment. If you have any questions, contact us. We are based in Corringham.
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Magical defence

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To download this game, simply search for Magical Defence in the Google Play Store or follow this link: Magical Defence

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Magical Defence is a strategy game with endless levels. You will have to battle through unlimited waves. There are many obstacles and there are ways in which you can unlock exciting spells to block, freeze and slow the enemy. As levels progress, waves only get harder.
Want to know how long you can survive Magical Defence? Install now and find out!
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