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Test your gaming skills by participating in exciting gaming tournaments. Based in Corringham, Retz Gaming Days offers you the right platform to showcase your gaming prowess.

RewardMob tournaments

At Retz Gaming Days, we aim to make your gaming experience as seamless as possible. If you're an avid gamer, then our reward tournament is the perfect chance for you to win exciting prizes. We have joined forces with RewardMob in order to reward players of the game Magical Defence. You can take part in Magical Defence tournaments for free, and stand a chance to earn money and prizes!
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Learn how to play Magical Defence - Recorded by 1ShotPlays

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What is RewardMob?

RewardMob is a tournament based reward platform for mobile game developers. At our gaming company, we aim to reward regular gamers by giving them a chance to take part in tournaments that test their skills, while allowing them to win money and prizes. Get in touch with us to find out how you can become a member of this incredible gaming tournament. 

Play and win

The process here is simple. Play your favourite games and earn rewards. The rewards will tell you what you have won. With each successive win, you move up the tournament ladder, leading up to your ultimate win! In addition to Magical Defence tournaments, RewardMob also hosts other game tournaments. Contact us for more information. 
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